Word from Managing Director

Welcome to our world. A world I would best describe as successful, prospective and prosperous.

When we were setting up our company, we wanted a name that reflected our philosophy and our role in building successful businesses around us. The word essential is exactly what we are and what we offer to our partners and business associates. We see ourselves as the base block to every project and the foundation to every successful business venture.
We help guide our clients to rewarding opportunities. We do that by focusing on the optimal use of resources around us and creating best results for our clients. We recruit creativity by using unconventional methods while looking for successful projects around the globe.
We believe in diversification we also see the way of the future being focused on expansion and development of regional and global business.
Our presence and existence as Essential International:
- United Arab Emirates.
- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
- Canada.
- Germany.
Because in this new era, The accurate service - it's something you require anywhere inspiration strikes. This is better for people and better for business. Through our innovation, commitment and a compelling vision of the future of work, we're making a difference every day with our clients in the region.

Amer Al Osh