Cosmetics: Dermacol

The original Dermacol cosmetics first started in the Barrandov Film Studios in Prague in the early 1960s and have since remained under Czech ownership. Soon, film studio experts teamed up with dermatologists from the Medical Cosmetics Institute in Prague. From the very beginning, the joint efforts of cosmetic specialists, who base their trade on medical principles, and film make-up experts were very successful.

It was then that the Make-up Cover line developed by Dermacol was launched as one of the first of its kind both in Europe and around the world and this product's license was sold as far away as Hollywood in 1969. We are proud that the beauty of many film stars has had its origins from Dermacol in Prague.

Brand history Today, Dermacol remains dynamic. In addition to Europe, Dermacol is also sold in many countries of the Middle and Near East, in Ukraine, Russia and Australia.Dermacol is not only successful abroad; in the Czech Republic it remains synonymous with make-up. Every fourth make-up item sold in the Czech Republic is from Dermacol. Every fifth body firming product is also by Dermacol.

Dermacol provides perfect care for all skin types and can handle all of your skin's problems, whether your skin is young, mature, normal, dry or problematic.

We help our clients to feel and look better.

Dermacol's philosophy

- Dermacol complies with strict quality requirements stemming from the latest cosmetology research.
- Dermacol clinical trials are carried out under the close supervision of the National Institute of Public Health in Prague in line with the European Union's legislative requirements.
- Dermacol products are made in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 9001:2000.
- Most Dermacol skin and body care and cosmetic products are hypoallergenic.
- Dermacol products contain active ingredients developed in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan.
- Final Dermacol products are not tested on animals.
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