Our Profile

Essential International General Trading L.L.C is a well thought-out structured organization, operating from Dubai UAE and covering Middle East, Europe and North Africa markets. With over one decade of experience in trading and with the mission of producing and supplying the essential products with premium quality materials for the target pricing, we are developing a wide range of products essential for:

1. Construction equipment and materials (BMU / Building Materials / MIB)
2. Automation and Telecom Solutions (System Integrator & IT):
3. Environment Technologies into Oil & Gas.
4. Cosmetics: Dermacol

Our expanding distribution network has been designed carefully for serving a wide range of customers - from small businesses to large companies - more quickly, more conveniently and more cost effectively.

In regions where we already have a presence and see additional opportunities, we build or expand our facilities to meet growth objectives. We increase efficiency and lower costs by continuously evaluating the strategic fit and financial performance of all our business units, and take actions necessary for improvement.